Ministry of Religion affairs of Republic Indonesia (Kemenag) conducted focus group discussion (FGD) which discussing on strengthening Islamic philanthropy based on Islamic moderate values on Monday 8th April 2019 at Mercure Hotel Jakarta. Kemenag invited several academician from various universities, zakat and wakaf management organizations, including BAZNAS and Puskas BAZNAS at that event.

The event aims to strengthen Islamic philanthropy through discussion among practitioners of Islamic philanthropy. Moreover, the event also facilitates all of members to share the experiences of various zakat and wakaf institutions in managing zakat and wakaf including on how developing a robust model for zakat and wakaf empowerment.
BAZNAS delegation is represented by the Head of Social Division Mr. Farid, whilst Puskas BAZNAS delegates its Vice Director of Research and Studies Division Ms. Priyesta Rizkiningsih and its Senior Researcher Mr. Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi to be attended at that the event. Puskas BAZNAS delegations explain several programs that has been conducted for last 3 years in front of members of FGD such as National Zakat Index, Zakat Village Index, Welfare Index of BAZNAS and Zakat on SDGs.

Nevertheless, the delegations also explain generally regards the future research project of Puskas BAZNAS such as the Financial Ratio for Zakat Institution and Zakat Literacy Index. Moreover, Puskas BAZNAS also emphasizes the pivotal role of Research culture in strengthening Islamic philanthropy development in order to create a measurable, effective and efficient philanthropic.
Furthermore, at the last session, Kemenag also invited the speaker Mr. Rahmat from a NGO that carry out the sanitation matters in community. Mr. Rhamat explained the complex problems of sanitation in Indonesia. He highlighted that the problems should be handled not only by the government but also by Zakat and Wakaf institutions through several empowerment programs.