PUSKAS BAZNAS visited Islamic Economics and Finance Department of Bank Indonesia to discuss the progress on the Zakat Literacy Index (15/04). Zakat Literacy Index is a project initiated by PUSKAS BAZNAS in collaboration with Bank Indonesia and National Committee of Islamic Finance (KNKS). This index is designed to create an effective zakat education program to community, increase public understanding regards to zakat in general and the importance of paying zakat through registered zakat institution.

In designing this study, BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies had conducted several FGD with zakat activists and experts to gain feedback and expert judgement. After finalizing the concept, Puskas BAZNAS are going to conduct the Zakat Literacy Index survey throughout Indonesia. The result is planning to be presented to OIC member countries during International Sharia Economics Forum on November 2019 in Jakarta. This index will also be used as evaluations and recommendations for a policy.


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