The Center of Strategic Study of BAZNAS (Puskas BAZNAS) aims to support the vision of BAZNAS to be the best zakat management institution in the world through research and development of strategic zakat studies. One of the studies produced by Puskas BAZNAS is the National Zakat Index (NZI) and The Assessment of Zakat Impact. These instruments have been implemented for 3 years at the national level to regional level throughout Indonesia.

In this third year, the implementation of the NZI and the The assessment of zakat impact have made a lot of progress, for instance, the The establishment of Android-based  survey application. The application will help the implementation of NZI and The assessment of Zakat Impact to be more convenience.

On Monday (04/22/19), Puskas BAZNAS has delegated Aisha Putrina Sari and Hidayaneu Farchatunnisa to provide a training on implementation of NZI and the assessment of Zakat Impact by using Android-based application in Banjarmasih, South Kalimantan. The event was attended by all representatives of regional BAZNAS in that province.