The National Board of Zakat of the Republic of Indonesia (BAZNAS RI) built health facilities in the form of the Ear Nose Throat (ENT) and Eyes Clinic for Palestinian refugees in Jordan. The new facilities inauguration was held at Al Talbiyeh Camp, Jordan on Sunday, (21/4).

Present at the event was HRH Prince Al Hasan bin Talal, Indonesian Ambassador to Hashimite Kingdoms of Jordan and State of Palestine HE Drs. Andy Rachmianto, M. Phil, BAZNAS Commissioner HE Mr. Irsyadul Halim, and Executive Director Medical Aid for Palestinian Maha Saqqa.

Irsyadul Halim said that the concern of Indonesian towards Palestinian refugees was very high, therefore BAZNAS facilitate Indonesian community who are happy to donate by establishing the clinic for Palestinian refugees in Jordan.

"The inauguration was very lively as it was attended by HRH Prince Al Hasan bin Talal, Jordanian officials, and community leaders. The clinic is a collaboration project between BAZNAS, the Indonesian Embassy in Jordan, Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) and Charitable fund trusted by Indonesian community to help the oppressed Palestinians community, "he said.

Meanwhile, HRH Prince Al Hasan bin Talal appreciated the role of BAZNAS in utilizing zakat funds which able to answer humanitarian problems. He hopes that this collaboration will continue and develop so that the blessing can be felt by all ummah.

"Thank you for coming, due to similarities of our culture and background through this collaboration , it has reminded our responsibilities in helping others to make future better, particularly children and those who are severe," he said.


Indonesian Ambassador to Hashimite Kingdoms of Jordan and State of Palestine HE Drs. Andy Rachmianto, M. Phil said, the inauguration of clinic for Palestinian refugees have to be grateful for receiving good welcome and support from the Jordan government.

This assistance and cooperation is a form of umpteenth time of Indonesia’s full commitment and full support to help its Palestinian brothers and sisters who are in Palestine and Jordan.

"Of course we hope that this assistance and cooperation between BAZNAS and JHCO can be a role model for other countries to be able to provide assistance to Palestinian refugees," said Rachmianto.

More than 2 million Palestinian refugees have sought refuge in Jordan. They are scattered in several refugee camps managed by UN agencies dedicated to providing protection and services for Palestinian refugees.

BAZNAS is committed to providing assistance to Palestinian refugees in the form of zakat funding of US $ 150,000 through JHCO and US $ 150,000 through UNRWA in 2018. Now, several programs have been implemented such as medical assistance and educational facilities for Palestinian refugee children.

BAZNAS assistances in collaboration with JHCO are located at 4 refugee camps in Jordan, namely Hattien Camp, Gaza Camp, Al Wehdat Camp and Al Talbiyeh Camp.