On Saturday, April 13, 2019, Training on using IZN and Zakat Impact Assesment's Application was successfully held in Surabaya, East Java. Located on Islamic Center Surabaya, all representative of BAZNAS regencies from across east java came to learn on using this new application. Totaled 33 BAZNAS regencies in East Java attended this training. The Training began with opening remarks from Mr. K.H Abd Salam Nawawi as a Chief of BAZNAS East Java Province.

He encouraged participants to use this application in order to capture the real condition of all BAZNAS in east java province since a lot of BAZNAS regencies didn't report their data to Puskas BAZNAS in the calculation of IZN last year. Then, the training continued with a presentation from Mr. Soleh Nurzaman (Expertise Staff of Research and Study Division) on reporting the result and achievement of IZN 2018 in East Java province case. 

The result showed that IZN 2018 East Java's value was good enough.  Macro Indicator value was pretty low. The reason for these findings was only a few of BAZNAS regencies in East Java reported their data to Puskas BAZNAS, to be precise only  BAZNAS province of East Java,  3 regencies, and 3 LAZ in East Java had recorded in Puskas's database. Thus, Mr. Soleh Nurzaman encouraged all of BAZNAS regencies in East Java province to report their data using this new application that had been developed by Puskas BAZNAS. The application will make BAZNAS easier to inform their data.

The last session of training was the procedure and step on using the application, informed by Mrs. Priyesta Rizkining (Deputy Director of Research and Study Division) and assisted with Mr. Adhitya Kusuma Zaenardi (Junior Researcher of Research and Study Division). Mrs. Priyesta emphasized all participants, each representative of BAZNAS regencies in east java, directly filled Indeks Zakar Nasional module based on their files or data that obliged to be brought in the training.

All participants were excited and a lot of question adhere to Mrs. Priyesta and Mr. Adhitya about the application itself like how it works, the problem they had found, etc. In the end, Puskas BAZNAS hope this application can make BAZNAS in east java province easier to inform their data.

Rep: Puskas BAZNAS