On Friday (04/26), BAZNAS Center for Strategic Studies (Puskas BAZNAS) held a training on the use of National Zakat Index (NZI) android-based application in Riau Province. National Zakat Index is a tool to measure the performance of Zakat institutions in a region and it conducts every year. By using the android based application, it expected can be more efficient and effective.

In Riau Province, there were 11 districts attended the training. The first session of the training was the explanation of Province Riau NZI result in 2018. From the measurement, zakat performance in Riau Province was good. The major factor that enhancing the zakat performance in Riau Province is the government support in terms of zakat. Hence, Province Riau reached very good (0.9) in NZI score.

The second session of the training was the explanation procedure on how the application works. The representatives of each BAZNAS has to fill the application based on their NZI data. For the impact of zakat, because the survey will be conducted after the training (depends on each BAZNAS), so the data input by the representatives only for simulation.

The training of IZN application will be held in 34 provinces in Indonesia. Hopefully, in 2019 all BAZNAS in Indonesia can contribute to collect NZI data so the results of NZI can reflect the real condition of Zakat in Indonesia