On Monday, April 22, Socialization on Result of 2018 National Zakat Index implementation and zakat impact assessment, followed by training on using IZN's application was successfully held in Palembang. Located in Emilia Hotel, all representative of BAZNAS regencies in South Sumatra province attended the events. Totaled 42 people came to learn about the procedure of using the application. The events were started at 10 A.M, the team from Puskas BAZNAS was welcomed by all of the vice directors from BAZNAS South Sumatra Province, Mr. Drs.H.M. Sanan (First Vice Director), Mr. Idham, S.Ag (Second Vice Director), Mr. Drs.H.Ardi Husin (Third Vice Director), and Mr. Drs.H.M. Teguh Shobri (Fourth Vice Director).

The events led by Mr. Supri as Master of Ceremony and for the opening remarks would be represented by Mr. Drs.H.M. Sanan as First Vice Director. Then, main agenda was a presentation from Ms. Aisha Putrina Sari (Senior researcher of study and research division) on the result of 2018 National Zakat Index implementation and zakat impact assessment in South Sumatra case. The result showed that the value of South Sumatra's IZN is 0,58. Meaning that the performance of zakat in South Sumatra is fairly good. Overall, there is an enhancement of IZN value as well as from macro and micro sides from 2017 IZN value. Yet from 17 BAZNAS regencies in South Sumatra, only two regencies (Kabupaten Musi Banyuasin and Kota Prabumulih) submitted their data to Puskas BAZNAS. This condition made the result of the IZN value of South Sumatra not fully representative. Puskas BAZNAS gave some recommendations to all BAZNAS including encouragement for reporting the data, increase the number of individual muzakki and enterprise muzakki by promoting the obligation to pay zakat in an official institution, which is BAZNAS.

Then, the training continued with the tutorial for using the application by Mr. Adhitya Kusuma Zaenardi (Junior researcher of research and study division). He gave an explanation on how to use the application step by step, started with registration and ended with saving all inputted data. All representatives of BAZNAS were required to input their 2019 IZN's data based on files that must be brought in the training. This is to ensure that all of the inputted data are valid and reliable. By conducting this training, Puskas BAZNAS hope that all of BAZNAS can report their data effectively.