On Saturday, April 20, 2019. Socialization and Training on using a new application for recording national zakat index data and survey on zakat impact assessment purposes called IZN were successfully held in Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung province. The event was part of the coordination meeting for all BAZNAS regencies in Bangka Belitung province. All representatives of BAZNAS regencies attended this event. Totaled 26 people from BAZNAS regencies in Bangka Belitung province were came to learn about the way on using the application.

Opened with opening remarks from Chief of BAZNAS Bangka Belitung Province, Mr. H.Sofyan Tsauri and followed by a presentation from Ms. Aisha Putrina Sari (Senior researcher of Research and Study Division), the Socialization and Training went well. Ms. Aisha gave information about the implementation result of national zakat index 2018 with Bangka Belitung case. In Bangka Belitung,  value of NZI is 0,44, meaning that zakat performance in Bangka Belitung is fairly good. However in all indicators (macro and micro), the values show a decline compared to last year. The major reason was caused by low participation from BAZNAS regencies itself in reporting their data. Only two BAZNAS regencies out of seven submitted their data to Puskas BAZNAS for the calculation of NZI 2018.

The training continued with a tutorial from Mr. Adhitya Kusuma Zaenardi (Junior researcher of research and study division). Mr. Adhitya gave training on using the application for filling data of national zakat index from BAZNAS regencies and survey on mustahik for assessing the impact of zakat. All of BAZNAS regencies as participants were required to download and register themselves in order to be able to use the application. All of the participants were excited and enjoyed using the application. By using this application, we hope the value of national zakat index of Bangka Belitung province will be higher in 2019 and can capture all of the regencies in Bangka Belitung province.

Rep: Puskas BAZNAS