Last month on April 2019, Puskas BAZNAS opened two vacancies for a senior researcher post. The job requires a master’s degree qualification related to Islamic economics, management, statistics, and other social sciences related to Zakat and development. Besides, the offered position also requires a minimum of a two-year experience in strategic research about Zakat and community empowerment.

As recorded, the recruitment team received around 163 applications and decided the most suited background for further qualification test. The staffing team considered 15 candidates for the test. Those candidates were grouped and invited for the examination in morning and afternoon sessions. During the test, the candidates were required to write a research proposal about Zakat in a two-hour duration. In the last session, the candidates presented their works to the management team of Puskas BAZNAS. As informed by the official, the test aims to asses the applicants’ ability to perform under pressure and to best identify the candidates’ relevant skills which are compulsory as a senior researcher.     

The hiring process was very competitive. The four candidates were successful for a final interview invitation conducted on 25 April 2019. The interview aimed to gain a closer insight into the candidates’ background.

Finally, the team decided two candidates whose experiences met the requirements. Together with the existing team, the current squad in Puskas BAZNAS is now ready to bring the organization’s vision of becoming the global center for Zakat knowledge and research. 

Rep: Puskas BAZNAS