Puskas BAZNAS Researchers measured the organisation’s programmes of communal bathroom development, from 22 to 23 May 2019.

BAZNAS subsidiary has been initiating the projects in the underdeveloped countryside in four different islands of Indonesia. The main purpose of the measurement is to harmonise between BAZNAS’ related programmes and SDGs No. 6 (sustainable clean water and sanitation).

Of the rural area covered by the programme is Nagarai Balai Baiak Malai IV Koto, located in Padang Pariaman, West Sumatra. In the village, there are 58 households with the number of 258 population. From the existing homes, only 5 per cent has the proper facility of water and sanitation. For the rest, access to clean water remains a big issue. As such, open defecation free and other unhealthy customs are typically practised.  

Considering the availability of clean water is critical, BAZNAS had collaborated with PT. Henan Putihrai Asset Management to develop the facility of communal bathrooms there. Four public toilets had been built nearby the underprivileged houses. Those facilities aimed at providing the community preliminary access to clean water, while at the same time, other relevant projects are studied for further execution.

With conducted field observation, the team had found authentic insights from the local community regarding the benefit of the built communal lavatories, including the current issue of sustainable water among the population. The team recorded the best information for continuously upgrading the programme of BAZNAS in advancing sustainable water sources.