Puskas BAZNAS and Monev Division of BAZNAS conducted assessment on water and sanitation program established by BAZNAS on Thursday (23/5) in Pangkalan Jati Village, Ranggung Village, Payung District, South Bangka Regency.

The program was launched by RSB in the form of building toilets and clean water facilities for 29 houses and 1 mosque in Pangkalan Jati Village. The distance of Kampung Pangkalan Jati is 6 km from the center of the Ranggung Village. Before the road is built by PT Timah, the village had become one of the isolated villages in the region.

Before now, the program has not been optimally evaluated so it has not been concluded how far the program has contributed to the achievement of the SDGs. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the program that have been carried out by BAZNAS.

The program is in line with the sustainable development program launched by the government as a form of the government's contribution in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiated by United Nation Development Program (UNDP).


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS