The third International Conference on Zakat (3rd ICONZ), one of Indonesia’s prestigious academic events of Zakat, is soonest to take place in Bandung on October 2019.

The ICONZ is among PUSKAS BAZNAS initiatives aims at an academic discussion about Zakat. The ICONZ brings together academics, industry professionals, and other Zakat stakeholders to discuss recent issues related to Zakat governance in both national and international levels. This year, PUSKAS BAZNAS has appointed the University of Padjajaran (UNPAD) as the host event to conduct the 3rd ICONZ.

In order to achieve the success of the conference, the event committee has been planning and executing preparative works. One of the run-ups is the collaboration with the local government. To ensure this engagement, on Thursday 20 June 2019, the committee has met Mr. Oded Muhammad Danial, Mayor of Bandung, to inform the event bureaucratically. During the meeting, the representative from PUSKAS BAZNAS and UNPAD delivered the critical points of the conference and its significance for the development of Zakat management.

As a response to the objectives of the 3rd ICONZ, the Mayor of Bandung delightedly welcomed the event and offered some collaboration strategies to best realise the ideal goal of the event. Briefly, such local government support has advanced the event’s confidence for it is at hand to come off.