Published: 2018-12-31

List of Articles

Technological and Efficiency Change On Zakat Organization: Evidence In Indonesia
Aam Slamet Rusydiana, Tika Widiastuti

Repositioning Sozecom, Nigeria For Navigating The Digital Economy
Muhammad Lawal Maidoki

The Impact of Zakat To Economic Growth Acceleration Through Financial Technology
ummu salma al azizah, muhammad choirin

Analysis of Online Portal Use And E-Payment Application: Case Study Baznas Indonesia
Khairul Rijal

Kids Jaman Now Effect: Does Opinion Leader in Instagram can Increase Intention to Pay Zakat through Zakat’s Ad-Education Content on Their Instagram?
Kartika Sugih Ningsih

Enhance the Attractiveness of LAZNAS Through a Quality Agricultural Empowerment Program in the Digital Era (Descriptive Analysis on LAZNAS Al-Azhar Indonesia)
lila pangestu hadiningrum, ning karna wijaya

An Analysis Preferences of Muzzaki In Surabaya For Decisions Choose Digital Zakat
Deasy tantriana

Enhancing Zakat Framework of Maldives: A Hundred Muslim Country
Aishath Muneeza

Productive Zakat as A Fiscal Element For The Development And Empowerment Of Micro Enterprises In East Java Province
Ana Toni Roby Candra Yudha

Factors Affecting Employees’ Preference To Pay Zakat: Case Of Amil Zakat Institution Of Bogor Agricultural University
Yekti Mahanani

The Analysis of Welfare Determinant Factors Of Recipients Zakat, Infaq And Sedekah (Zis) Productive In Baitul Mal Aceh
Muhammad Haris Riyaldi

Community Perception towards National Policy Plan of Zakat Deduction for Muslim Civil Servants
Nur Indah Riwajanti, Kartika Dewi SS, Anik Kusmintarti

Determinants of Efficiency of Zakat Institutions in Indonesia: Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis Approach
Rizki Kurniawan

Credible Methods for Evaluating the Impacts of Amil Programs
Muhamad Said Fathurrohman

Internal Audit Role In Zakat Digital Finance (Case Study At A Zakat Institution In Indonesia)
Mulyaning Wulan, Hera Khairunnisa, Efri Samsul B

Risk management of zakat maal supervision in the fintech era based of literature review
Arivatu Ni'mati Rahmatika

The Analysis of Internal Control Implementation In Zakat Institutions
Dita Andraeny

Legal Protection Muzakki in Donation-based Crowdfunding Zakah on Financial Technology (Digitalization of Zakat in the Positive Law and Islamic Law)
Nurul Ula Ulya

Do We Need Financial Technology For Collecting Zakat?
Dian Friantoro

Sozecom: Leveraging The Synergy Between The Existing Structure And Opportunities In Digital Finance
Muhammad Lawal Maidoki

Analysis of Fatwa in Malaysia on the Provision of Housing Using Zakat Fund
Azila Binti Ahmad Sarkawi

Role of Financial Technology in Zakat Optimization
Safura Hijriana

Zakat Based on Tender Program: Effectiveness of Productive Zakat Fundraising in Indonesia