• In Islam, zakat and waqf are decidedly to help and fulfillment of the poor.
  • BAZNAS Free Hospitals built by combining zakat fund and waqf land, where the land financed by the waqf land, the building funded by waqf fund and zakat fund combination, while the health facilities, medicines, doctor salaries, nurse salaries and other operational costs fully funded by zakat fund (BAZNAS).
  • This study aimed to identify the satisfaction value of services provided by BAZNAS Free Hospital or Rumah Sehat Baznas (RSB). The survey based on a study conducted over a period of three months (May-July 2017) by 400 beneficiaries in four different branches RSBs (Jakarta, Makassar, Sidoarjo and Pangkalpinang).
  • The majority of receivers are female. Based on age classification, the most is between 46-60 years. Most of them are housewives. Most are elementary school graduates. Based on income, most are 500,000-1,000,000 per month. Based on family members most are have 1-5 members. Based on the reasons for choosing RSB most are because of free services.
  • The results it can be concluded that the beneficiaries in average expressed satisfaction with in average value 4 (good)


Patient Satisfaction Surveys and Quality of Care: BAZNAS Free Hospital (Rumah Sehat BAZNAS) Indonesia