Executive Summary

Zakat institution has an important and strategic role to assist the government in preventing Covid-19 given its position as a philanthropic organization. This policy brief advocates the basis of zakat institution’s role in responding to Covid-19. Relevant policies regarding zakat distribution is recommended for the prevention of Covid-19 context.



  • In the economic sector, zakat institutions is required to collaborate with WZF (World Zakat Forum) to advocate the role of global zakat in facing the vulnerability of the economic performance of WZF’s member countries due to Covid-19.
  • In the education, social and humanitarian sector, zakat institutions are to distribute masks to prevent Covid-19 from the individual level and campaigns the danger of Covid-19 in the internal of zakat institution and to the public.
  • In the health sector, zakat institution supports the study that entails the vaccine of Covid-19.
  • In dakwah sector, zakat institution socializes the scientific evidence in regard to the urgency of consuming halal food.


The Role of Zakat Institution in Preventing Covid-19