Executive Summary

The presence of zakat institutions in the 40 World Zakat Forum (WZF) member countries have been playing the primary key in activating zakat in the countries. Such activation of zakat administration is critical during the pandemic COVID-19. As the virus is still spreading worldwide, which some countries are expecting their second wave, while some others are expecting the pandemic to end, it is important to understand how zakat should be made in the new normal period of COVID-19. That is, this policy brief captures a practical insight from the selected WZF member countries. The recommendation of the zakat management priorities in time of post the pandemic is taken from the WZF research; Zakat in Time of COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from World Zakat Forum. The 3 main priorities are recommended by this policy brief.



Distribution priorities

  1. Economic empowerment; economic youth empowerment, helping mustahik to get jobs, rehabilitation of families with no jobs, zakat for productive means and more empowerment initiatives.
  2. Education for vulnerable communities; equipping mustahik with a skill and designing disaster preparedness programmes.

Collection priorities

  1. Zakat awareness campaign; encourage entrepreneurs about the urgency of paying zakat.
  2. Special platform initiative; the establishment of platform raising zakat and donations for economic recovery.

Management improvement  

  1. Upgrading systems with more tech-savvy constituents
  2. Institutional capacity building
  3. Data generation of both asnaf and muzaki
  4. Collaboration with international philanthropic organisations

The Global Zakat Administration Post-COVID-19 Period:
What Should be the Priorities?