• Poverty still become a typical issue in most of developing countries including Indonesia. The issue is spread to both urban industrial communities to rural agricultural communities. There have been many policies issued by the government to overcome poverty, especially on the poverty among farmers.
  • The distribution of zakat funds carried out by BAZNAS are mostly intended for economic activities or 26%. There are several economic empowerment programs carried out by BAZNAS which aiming to empower farmers, namely Food Granary Programs, Village Empowerment through Qurban Program, Zakat Community Development Program and others.
  • The Food Granary program can increase the income of beneficiaries. Previously, the average income of farmers was only Rp1,037,000 per month, after the Food Granary Program is conducted, the mustahik income rose to Rp.2,850,000 per month.
  • Village Empowerment through Qurban Program is an effort of BAZNAS to empower farmers in the village by transferring economic turnover and its benefits from the community in city to village. Muzaki who do qurban through BAZNAS are directed to buy, slaughter and distribute sacrificial meat in the village.
  • One of the ZCD programs that is in line with the economic empowerment of farmers is the empowerment of coffee farmers in the village of Bo'ne Buntu Sisong, South Makale District, Tana Toraja Regency. The coffee farmers in the village are trained on how to increase sales and how to market the products. Also, this program has made the area to be the coffee tourist attraction, Tondok Lemo.

Poverty among Farmers in Indonesia and Zakat Empowerment Program