• The 3rd ICONZ asserts its support upon the 4th Industrial Revolution in enhancing the potential capacity of economy worldwide specifically in zakat area through RPA, AI and IoT;
  • The 3rd ICONZ encourages the government and relevant authorities to issue the specific regulations and policies in bolstering the implementation of the technologies in zakat management;
  • The 3rd ICONZ calls Zakat Management Organizations to arrange and improve their infrastructure capability in facing the technology transformation in the 4th Industrial revolution era;
  • The 3rd ICONZ recommends Zakat Management Organizations to collaborate more with universities and research institutions to explore further the advantages and the disadvantages of the implementation of the RPA, AI, and IoT in accelerating the innovation in zakat management, zakat collection and distribution;
  • The 3rd ICONZ suggest Zakat Management Organizations to implement research-based policies in order to produce an innovative, measurable, and effective zakat programs.
  • In order to support the government programs on the SDGs in Indonesia, the 3rd ICONZ encourages Zakat Management Organizations to align their zakat programs with relevant goals on SDGs.
  • The 3rd ICONZ calls Islamic economics researcher to expand and explore the research gap of zakat particularly in the issue of the implementation of the current technology in zakat management, zakat collection as well as its distribution.
  • In the respect of highly Zakat Management Organization’s demand in seeking a skill-full talent in zakat area, the 3rd ICONZ urges higher institutions such as universities to offer and provide zakat-related programs for their students to produce highly qualified talent to be involved in accelerating zakat development in Indonesia.

The Resolutions of the 3rd International Conference of Zakat (ICONZ)