• The growing role of digital technology should be optimized for the benefit of the global zakat development, especially in enhancing awareness of the Muslims to fulfill their zakat obligation.
  • The use of digital platform in zakat management shall be advanced, thus the WZF calls all the WZF members to adopt current technology as part of their zakat management, notably for promotion, calculation, collection, and distribution of zakat fund in respective WZF member countries.
  • The relevance of blockchain technology to zakat management has been extensively discussed. Hence, the WZF suggests all the WZF members to explore further the potential of zakat management with blockchain technology.
  • Utilization of digital technology poses specific risks. The presence of Technical Notes on Risk Management of Zakat Organization is expected to play an important role as guidance to mitigate the risk that may occur from zakat management practices including the use of digital technology. Hence, all WZF member countries are encouraged to adopt this technical note.
  • All WZF members are encouraged to adopt The Technical Notes on Good Amil Governance as realized in Zakat Core Principles in order to enhance the quality of zakat management.
  • WZF calls all members to strengthen their collaboration with UNICEF and UNDP as has been agreed in the MoU in order to fulfill the requirements of SDGs.
  • WZF shows concern over engagement of some of multilateral institutions in zakat collection and distribution, in particular related with observance of sharia compliance and national regulations.

Resolution of the 8th World Zakat Forum International Conference and Annual Meeting 2019