International Journal of Zakat (IJAZ) aims at scholarly discussion of zakat worldwide. It has been published since 2016, addressing both the recent practices of zakat administration globally and theoretical discourses related to zakat by the academics.

The initiative of IJAZ is driven to advance the literature of zakat. It is thus the recognition from reputable institutions is critical to mark the position of IJAZ in zakat literature. Science and Technology Index (SINTA) is initiated by Indonesia’s Ministry of Research and Technology and or National Agency for Research and Innovation.  

According to, SINTA is an online database delivers the access to citations and expertise in Indonesia. SINTA is Web-based research information system offering fast access, easy and comprehensive to measure the performance of researchers, institutions and journals in Indonesia. SINTA provides benchmarks and analysis, identification of research strength of each institution to develop collaborative partnerships, to analyze the trend of research and expert directories.

IJAZ is now included in SINTA database. The current ranked is SINTA 3 based on the statement latter No. 85/M/KPT/2020 dated 01 April 2020. It is expected IJAZ, at least, to mark its footprint in the national level of Indonesia by being indexed in SINTA.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS