Along with the rapid development of the COVID-19 vaccine, the global economy is also slowly starting to rise. As the national zakat coordinator in Indonesia, BAZNAS plans to furtherly strengthen and develop zakat management ecosystem in Indonesia, specifically related to economic recovery after the pandemic. Through the Outlook for Zakat Indonesia 2022, zakat stakeholders will get a clear picture of the current and future challenges of zakat management, the ecosystem and conditions for collecting and distributing zakat, and strategies to achieve and realize the potential of zakat in Indonesia. Therefore, through data and research survey results, on Friday (12/31/2022) Puskas BAZNAS launched Indonesia Zakat Outlook 2022. This book is expected to be a benchmark and scientific basis for socio-economic regulations and programs in the future and accelerate the recovery of Indonesia's socio-economic conditions. Socio-economic recovery after the pandemic is very important, but the welfare of the people is the main priority of BAZNAS. Hopefully this book can be useful for strengthen and synergize zakat management in Indonesia. Happy reading.



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