Lhok Puuk Village is a village located in Panteraja Sub-district, Pidie Jaya District, one of the three most affected districts during the Aceh earthquake in 2016. The post-quake condition in Lhok Puuk village was severe, as many as 105 units of damaged houses and 2 mosques flattened to the ground. Ministry of Religious Affairs in cooperation with BAZNAS to help Lhok Puuk village to restore post-earthquake condition by building facilities and infrastructure needed by Lhok Puuk villagers. Among those built are homes grown (Rumah Tumbuh) as transitional homes before the central government finishes building permanent homes for damaged homes and rebuilding two previously collapsed mosques.

Until now Lhok Puuk village is still in transition, especially in terms of infrastructure development and economic recovery. The construction of permanent houses initiated by the central government has been completed almost 80%. The earthquake-damaged houses were replaced with standardized houses in which two bedrooms and bathrooms were equipped with electricity and clean water.

The natural condition of Lhok Puuk village has a large land area suitable for cultivating and breeding. About 80% of villagers own cocoa farms while the rest have cattle. Prior to the natural disaster, Lhok Puuk village has established a cocoa experimental garden that at the time of harvest during the harvest season can reach more than 1 ton. The wet cocoa yield is valued at Rp 25,000 per kilogram while the dry cocoa yield is valued at Rp38,000 per kilogram with a harvest time of one year can reach 4 times. Currently rejuvenation has been done to the cocoa experimental garden but the residents are constrained capital and skill in increasing the production of the garden so that need to be given both financial and non-financial assistance such as training and assistance to revive this cocoa experimental garden so that later this cocoa production can be used as commodity from Lhok Puuk village.

(Puskas News | Rep: Khairunnajah)